Why Invest at The Awang Hills

Why invest in awang hills

  • Awang will be the future of Lombok tourism and one of the main tourist destinations in Central Lombok
  • Good infrastructure, to the road location is very good and cool
  • Awang hills will become a residence spot, where a lot of land will be cleared for villa complexes and restaurants.
  • The location is not too far from the center of the crowd, only 15 minutes from the Mandalika circuit and 30 minutes from Lombok International Airport and 70 minutes to Mataram city.
  • Lombok tourism, especially Central Lombok, is currently growing strong and the next few years will be even better
  • Now the price is still very cheap, when compared to Bali, its only 10 – 15% Bali Land Price at the central tourism

Awang and its development

The situation and conditions in Awang are currently in pretty good development, the government has disbursed more than IDR 10 trillion to build infrastructure in

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